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Getting All Shook Up @ Moonlight


We are gearing up for week 2 of our 3 week run of All Shook Up! What a journey it has been...I cannot believe we are already nearing the halfway point. It has been an amazing journey meeting new friends and colleagues!

*I have been staying busy with auditioning for Cruise Lines, new theratrical works, and an upcoming film...about musicals! Todd (my agent) has been keeping me busy even though I am a solid 2 hours away from LA! Gotta love my agent-thankful everyday!

*On Monday (6/15) I performed at a club called Rage in West Hollywood to promote the show. Free drinks and a great space to sing! Whats not to like? Very successful day of marketing!

*Living with a family in San Marcos has been a very different experience for me! They are very hospitable yet they give me my space, time to warm up, and always a glass of wine! GREAT people! What a great way to spend the first chunk of my summer!

*My very first exclusive audience member was my best friend Janelle! She loved the show and the theatre. That is always important to me...that my friends enjoy themselves when the drive hours to see me perform!

*Speaking of people liking the show...the reviews have been off the chain for All Shook Up! Reviewers are liking our little jukebox show...*jukebox shows are hard to win critics over* So it looks like some smooth waters ahead for our show!

This weekend my family is seeing the show-so I have a lot to look forward to!



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